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What is the actual grooming process?

 After a dog is checked in & has had some time to adjust to his surroundings, he will usually be checked over or “prepped” by his groomer.

 This includes brushing, de-matting & removing excess hair if necessary, clipping nails, cleaning ears, etc.. The next step, after resting for a bit, is bathing, using the shampoo or treatment that has been requested.

 Also, during bathing the anal glands are expressed upon request. After bathing, dogs are towel dried & then blown dry with a high velocity air dryer to remove excess water & fluff (or smooth) the coat. Then they are put in one of our pet friendly cages with a towel and one of our tube dryers to remove the rest of the water from their coat.

 The next & final step is “finishing”. This is when the haircutting and brushing out begins, depending on the cut, also we will begin the shaving process & usually this takes the most time. When the groomer is pleased with & proud of the result, the grooming is complete. Also keep in mind it’s not a fast process, but it’s structured to make sure each dog has a relaxed, rewarding experience & leaves looking good & feeling refreshed.